Commentary to Egypt’s New Investment Law

A commentary to the guarantee provided by article (3) of the Egypt’s new investment law no. 72 of 2017: by the same law article that emphasizes on the investment’s non-subjection to any decision carrying discrimination, the legislator adopts the possibility of granting the foreign investor special privilege in treatment under reciprocity … although, this implies inadmissible discrimination against the national investor, it contains reasonable exaggeration to reassure the foreign investment.

It worth mentioning that the reciprocity clause shall not have any influence in this respect, as this clause may not guarantee that the Egyptian investor abroad shall have treatment equals to what the foreign investor gets in his/her country, it may just guarantee that the Egyptian investor shall get the same magnitude granted to the foreigner in Egypt. Consequently, there is no nothing prevents a country from granting its citizens treatment privileged than the Egyptian investor above the magnitude that Egypt grants. This means that the Egyptian investor, if intends to invest at the same foreign country, may be surprised with another privileged treatment in his/her competitors’ favor.