Badawy Law Office Advises China State

Badawy Law Office Advises China State on the Sinovac and VACSERA’s Largest Vaccine Storage Construction Project

We are delighted to announce that Badawy Law Office acted as the Egyptian legal counsel on the tripartite agreement concluded among CSCEC (CHINA STATE CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING CORPORATION LTD), Sinovac (SINOVAC LIFE SCIENCES CO. LTD), and VACSERA (THE HOLDING COMPANY FOR BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS &VACCINES), for the construction of the fully-automated cold storage facility.

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Egypt Fintech Overview Law and Regulations

Egypt FinTech Overview, Law and Regulations

FinTech in Egypt is a rallying point for entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and financial corporations to mingle, innovate, and generate success stories in Egypt’s FinTech ecosystem, with the purpose of increasing financial inclusion and making banking services accessible to all Egyptians.

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Egyptian Legal Framework

Egypt is a civil law country with codified rules and laws, making the law easier to understand than in other countries. Furthermore, the Egyptian Constitution defines Egypt to be a republic, which implies the existence of a functional parliament with legislative authority.

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Forms of Business Structure in Egypt

The Law of Commerce No. 17 of 1999 and Companies Law No. 159 of 1981 establish Egypt’s legal business structures. The Law of Commerce covers sole proprietorships and basic partnerships generally, while the Companies Law governs joint stock companies, limited partnerships by shares, and limited liability companies extensively.

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General Authority For Investment

Despite the GAFI’s objection; the office succeeded in passing resolution with dismissing managing shareholder without neither numerical majority nor approval of three quarters of the capital. One of Badawy Law Office’s achievements in the corporate area, which represents a legal precedent as per the statement of the General Authority For Investment (GAFI), is represented on obtaining, in favor of one of its clients affiliated to a global group of companies,

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